Parking systems

Several years ago, Sika began producing profiles for the construction of multiparking systems, which are now widely used in Germany and many other countries.

The demand for parking systems is rising continuously. The increasingly scarce available space and the increasing number of vehicles have led to the search for new solutions to condense and make parking space more efficient. Parking cars on several levels is already a well-known possibility. The future lies in automated parking systems that compress vehicles horizontally and vertically in order to maximize the number of parking spaces and at the same time minimize space consumption. These parking systems are integrated into buildings and public areas and are therefore much cheaper than separate car parks and garages. It protects customers and vehicles from the weather and offers users maximum safety.

Sika offers manufacturers of parking systems high-quality profiles for the realization of parking systems. Profiles made of galvanized steel, stainless steel or zinc-magnesium steel cover all application areas and requirements of modern parking systems.

The dimensions and shape of the profiles are designed to provide a solid, strong, flexible and easy-to-use system. In particular, the profiles manufactured by Sika are characterised by an excellent fit and very simple, time-saving assembly.


Sika profiles are also used in the latest automatic parking system (APS) solutions, which are also commonly known under a variety of other names, including: automatic parking garage (APF), automatic vehicle storage system (AVSRS), parking system, mechanical parking, double parking, stacker parking and robot parking garage.

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Black Steel S275JRHot Dip Galvanized SteelZinc Magnesium coated steel EN10346 S280GD+ZM300MStainless steel EN10088 1.4301 fin. 2B with 350 N/mm2 < Re0.2% > 300 N/mm2